All Out Fallout Iron Contaminant Remover

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All out Fallout is a wheel and paint surface Iron Contaminant Remover which is diluted to the correct strength ready for use.


Suitable for all Wheel types, watch All out Fallout work before your eyes as the green coloured solution turns purple upon contact with iron contaminants and brake dust.


How to use: Apply to one wheel or panel at a time and Leave for 1-2 minutes to "bleed". All Out Fallout is a touch-less cleaner however you can agitate with a soft detailing brush if you wish. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface and always thoroughly rinse with a high pressure stream of water until the purple solution is all washed away, leaving a clean and decontaminated surface.


For best results: Always wash away usual road grime and dirt from the surface before use


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